Piña Colada Nice Cream

I wonder if I will turn on the oven this summer...honestly I miss baking cookies and loaf cakes but this heat makes it quite a challenge. Plus my body is constantly asking me for refreshing things such as smoothies, juices, tons of watermelon and of course ice creams! I could make ice creams every single day but there's a thing called self-control that I should practice more often (ha!).
So this week I wanted to share with all my fellow ice cream fanatics a delicious recipe with lots of good tropical vibes: Piña Colada Nice Cream. It's creamy, completely plant-based, gluten-free and healthy (the rum is totally optional, but who can say 'no' to a slightly boozy ice cream?! Not me!). I love the coconut and pineapple combo, it instantly makes me feel like I'm at some fancy beach club or an exotic paradise. Whenever I want to bring summer into my home I prepare a piña colada smoothie or this nice cream.
What is your favorite ice cream flavor, btw? Or what kind of refreshing treat you enjoy the most when it's hot? I'd love to read about your preferences and get some inspiration from you.
I'm going to keep this post short (and sweet) as I still have so many things to do right before the week ends. Hope you like this recipe as much as I did, and if you still want some more Piña Colada goodness check out these pops I made last year.
Happy weekend everybody!

Piña Colada Nice Cream
(3 servings approx.)

3 bananas, chopped and frozen.
3/4 cup (130g) fresh pineapple.
1 can full-fat coconut milk, refrigerated overnight.
1/3 cup (30 g) shredded coconut.
1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla powder.
1 1/2 tablespoons white rum(optional).
2 teaspoons cornstarch (or arrowroot powder).
1 to 2 tablespoons light agave syrup.
- Toppings:
Shredded coconut or coconut flakes.

- You can use canned pineapple though I prefer natural fresh pineapple to make it even more healthy.
- Do not discard the watery milk under the coconut cream. Store it in the fridge and use it to make smoothies. So yummy!
- The rum is optional, I've tasted both versions and they were all delicious.
- If your pineapple and bananas are at the optimum level of ripeness you won't need to use any sweetener. But as always, adjust the sweetness to your taste.

Scoop out the thick white cream from the can of coconut milk and put in your food processor with the rest of the ingredients. Process and stop a few times and scrape down the sides of the bowl. Taste and adjust the sweetness if needed.
Pour the mixture into an airtight shallow container and refrigerate for about 3-4 hours, the ice cream base needs to be very cold before churning.
Once very cold, churn the ice cream according to the manufacturer's instructions. I always have to freeze the bowl of my ice cream maker at least 24 hours before making the recipe and churn the mixture for 30 minutes.
Transfer the ice cream to the same container, cover the surface with plastic wrap, close and freeze until solid.
Homemade ice creams tend to be rock solid when frozen but do not panic, if you let it thaw at room temperature for 10-15 minutes (or more, if needed) it will become creamy and scoopable again.
Scoop the ice cream and serve with shredded coconut, toasted coconut flakes or your favorite toppings.