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Popcorn & Pretzel Easter Chocolate Bark

I've been thinking about how this post should begin since yesterday, we're living in a really strange and isolating time...who would have thought our lives would change so dramatically in the blink of an eye?! Honestly, these days are being a whirlwind of emotions to me and I'm pretty sure a lot of you are feeling the same. I should be talking about Easter, chocolate treats and my plans for the next blog posts but here we are, trying to stay positive and productive in a way or another while the streets are empty and the hospitals are full. I keep telling yo myself, will this pandemic makes us rethink some values? Will we stop taking things for granted? Are we going to take this as an opportunity to be more aware of how we're treating the planet? I keep reading everywhere how the air pollution has decreased and the water is clearer in some rivers, but sadly this is only temporary. Needless to say the economic consequences of this Covid-19 outbreak will be globally devast…

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