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Keto Granola

Hey, it's me again! Have you missed me?...okay, okay, no need to answer that! ;-) Summer is coming to an end, I'm celebrating my birthday tomorrow but I haven't planned anything; this year is being so weird and so busy for me, I didn't have time to think about baking my own cake (as I usually do) so there will be some chocolate treats from my favorite vegan bakery and celebrate a low-key birthday at home. It's still very hot in Barcelona but at least the afternoons are a bit more bearable, time for myself to turn on the oven (I barely baked anything this summer), and prepare this delicious keto granola. I love to serve this granola with my favorite coconut yogurt, it has a thick greek-like texture, and pairs perfectly with the toasty aroma of this granola. It's packed with protein, good fats and fiber; as always it's a vegan-friendly recipe and also keto-friendly! Receta en español en el perfil de Instagram de mis amigos de Ecocesta Keto Granola Ingredients

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