Easy Raw Banana Chocolate Spread

You can also call this recipe Easy Protein-Packed Nutella because it has a good dose of nut butter (peanut butter in this case) and protein powder. This is a pretty damn good recipe for those of us who work out every day but also like to keep our sweet tooth satisfied...yes, you can be fit and treat yourself with yummy things almost every day.
The idea of making a healthier version of a chocolate spread started right after making my chocolate banana ice cream: it looked super soft and almost spreadable so I tweaked the proportions a little bit, added some protein powder and voilà! Everybody say hello to this creamy, rich and thick enough to spread, yet not grainy-ugly looking, banana chocolate spread.
It tastes so good spread on a couple of slices of freshly baked baguette, I love to top it with banana slices, shredded coconut and a drizzle of maple syrup. Also great to make grilled sandwiches (total YUM!), as a filling for crêpes and the list goes on. Use it the same way you would use your regular chocolate spread. My version is guilt-free so you're allowed to eat it straight from the jar with a spoon! ;-p
By the way, how I love that summer is officially here in Barcelona! This time of the year is my favorite, I feel much more active, more productive and inspired. Longer days are the best for someone who always shoot with natural light; it was great to be able to shoot the pictures for this recipe at my rooftop garden. I had to be careful not to step on my tortoise Tomi because he was chasing me all the time, waiting for some freshly picked strawberry that I always give to him.

Easy Raw Banana Chocolate Spread

2 medium ripe bananas.
4 tbsp raw cacao powder.
4 tbsp peanut butter (or your favorite nut butter).
30 g approx./1 scoop pea protein powder (or vanilla/chocolate whey protein powder).*
2 to 4 tbsp agave syrup (or pure maple syrup).

*See 'Notes' at the end of the recipe.

In a small bowl mash bananas with a fork until smooth.
Place mashed banana, cacao powder, peanut butter and protein powder inside your food processor. Pulse until all ingredients are combined and the mixture looks creamy and smooth.
Adjust the sweetness with a few tablespoons of agave syrup or, if your prefer, you can also use pure maple syrup which gives an excellent taste.
Put in a jar and store in the fridge.

- The protein powder will make this spread become more or less thicker, it all depends on how much you want to add. Start by adding 30 grams but do not put much more because the flavor will be affected.
- Depending on how ripe your bananas are the finished spread will taste more or less sweet. That's why I recommend adding agave syrup one tablespoon at a time until you get the desired sweetness.
- If you can't find raw cacao powder you can use pure cocoa powder but might probably need to increase the quantity.
- I wanted to make a peanutty version of the famous Nutella but I'm sure hazelnuts will add a deliciously toasty flavor.


  1. What a great recipe. love chocolate spread so having a more healthy version to try will brilliant. Its actually been really sunny here in Scotland too for a change.

    1. Thanks a lot Rebecca! I'll have a toast of rustic bread with this chocolate spread tomorrow for breakfast, hehe. Gotta start the weekend off right!
      Hope the sun stays in Scotland for a long while! =)


  2. It's cool to find nice alternatives. i should try this one :) come visit my blog betterbeahit.com i have recipes too I hope you'll like it :)

    1. Thanks Aaron! I've just visited your blog and loved that healthy popsicles recipe! :-)


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