Marzipan Cookies (Panellets 2013)

Hello cuties!...and a very Happy Halloween to all of you!
Here's a quick post to show you the marzipan cookies (aka 'Panellets' here in Catalonia) that I made yesterday. As I told you last year, we eat them in Hallow's Eve but these little marzipan cuties are so elegant that they are perfect for a tea party or to serve with coffee if you have guests at home.
I made a few new flavours this year cause I felt inspired and craving for a good Halloween sugar overload. :-p.

*Feliç Castanyada a tothom!!!*

Here you'll find the full recipe, it's very easy and you can create many flavours from the basic recipe, let your imagination run wild.

Let's check them out one by one!

Pine Nuts
These are the most traditional and classic marzipan cookies. One of my dad's favorite!

Coconut & Chocolate
A new and more delicious version of my classic coconut 'panellets' (marzipan cookies). The basic paste is combined with a bit of coconut, then coated with more coconut and finally covered with dark chocolate. Pure yum!

I made them adding espresso powder to the basic dough and a heart of dark chocolate.

Basic marzipan dough coated with chopped almonds.

One of this year's new flavors and one of my absolute favorites! I love everything pistacchio and these cookies weren't an exception. The basic dough has a bit of pistacchio paste and as you can see they are coated with crushed pistacchios.
Don't you love their beautiful bright green color?!

These were the stars of the show! I was really surprised by their intense citrus so delicious...*sigh*. I added orange zest to the basic dough, made a well in the center of each cookie and filled with 1 teaspoon of bittersweet orange jam. Do I need to say more?! I promise you'll will love them!


  1. Menuda variedad!! no sabria decir cual me gusta más porque me gustan TODOS!! se ven deliciosos, bicos

    1. Hola Viví! Muchas gracias por tu comentario y perdona por haber tardado tanto en contestar! :-)
      En casa gustaron mucho, los de pistacho tuvieron un gran éxito, era uno de los nuevos sabores que me atreví a hacer este año, jeje.

      Un beso!


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