Orange and Almond Pound Cake

This is one of those recipes that are timeless, delicious and easy to make at home. Every time I bake an orange pound cake there's an irresistible and sweet smell all over the house that I love, actually I think the scent of homemade baked goods is the best aromatizer that could ever exist.
It's a customized version of the classic Lemon Pound Cake recipe that I published long ago. I switched to orange yogurt, replaced one cup of the all-purpose flour for almond flour, added some orange zest to the batter and finally poured in a handful chopped almonds. To garnish I used a bit of bittersweet orange jam and more almonds.
Hope you like it!...and remember to show me your results if you try my recipe! :-)
Weekend is almost here so I suggest you to bake this pound cake and enjoy it as a delicious Sunday breakfast with a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice.
Receta en español aquí!

Orange and Almond Pound Cake

(serves 8)
3 eggs.
1 orange (or natural) yogurt.
2 cups sugar.
1/2 cup olive oil.
2 cups all-purpose flour.
1 cup almond flour.
16 g baking powder (1 sachet).
orange zest.
chopped almonds.
bittersweet orange jam.

*Note: 1 cup in this recipe equals to 1 yogurt container.
Preheat oven to  356ºF (180ºC).
In a large bowl, place eggs and sugar and beat well. Add in the orange yogurt and orange zest, keep beating.
Gradually pour in the oil and don't stop beating.
In a separate bowl mix together the baking powder, all-purpose flour and almond flour. Make sure all the dry ingredients are well combined. Sift it into the wet mixture.
Grease a loaf pan with butter and dust with flour.
Pour the mixture into the prepared pan and add some chopped almonds.
Bake for 40 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
Let it cool in the pan and remove from it once you want to serve it.
To garnish: melt a bit of orange jam and brush over the pound cake, pour more chopped almonds and you're done!


  1. Me pido un cachitooo :)

    Qué maravilla de bizcocho y de fotos, como siempre!!

    un besotee

    1. Hola Tania! Muchas gracias! Qué alegría encender el ordenador y encontrarme con un comentario como el tuyo. :-)

      Un abrazo bien grande!

  2. Aquest cake té molt bona pinta!

    Unes fotos precioses Gemma!


    1. Molte gràcies Víctor! :-) La fotografia és una de les meves passions i sempre ho intento reflexar en les fotos que faig de les meves postres.
      Una abraçada!

  3. Gemma, te quedó perfecto, es sorprendente, las fotos preciosas y el corte es fantástico!
    Un beso y feliz semana!

    1. Muchas gracias Esmeralda! Un abrazo grande para tí y que pases un feliz fin de semana!!! :-)


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