Christmas Desserts: Recap

Most of you are probably busy in the kitchen, preparing your meals for Christmas Eve and already baking those desserts that can be made in the days leading up to the feasts. I bet there's already a delicious smell around your home!
As of me, I've just made a yummy and 100% italian Tiramis├║ this afternoon to enjoy tomorrow night with the family (I'll post the recipe this week if I can take a break from all this crazy festive cooking) and some puff pastry canapes with my sister (her help is always essential!).
Here's a recap of the Christmas recipes that I published before, they are very easy and can be really helpful if you are busy and didn't have time to prepare your desserts before.
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas whether you celebrate it with your family, friends, dogs or cats! Just have fun, laugh, eat, drink but drive safe!
Chocolate Christmas Cookies: recipe here.
Nougat Candy Cake: recipe here.

New Year's Chocolate Muffins: recipe here.