Raw Carrot Cake

I teased you with this recipe a few weeks ago and after some tweaks here's the definitive version: individual raw carrot cakes that are just as beautiful as delicious! I promise these cuties will hit your sweet spot and be a total success, everybody loved them at home and were gone in the blink of an eye.
It feels so good when you get a recipe exactly the way you had in mind, especially after testing the recipe only for two times. I'm a huge lover of carrot cake in all its forms: the classic cake, cupcakes, energy balls, smoothies...it was about time to create a raw version now that it's still so hot to turn my oven on.
The decoration couldn't be easier but I think it's enough to make these mini cakes shine even more, just some pecan nuts and delicious Ceylon cinnamon dusted on top. Serve them when you have guests at home and they will love you endlessly, and if not well you should start thinking about not inviting them next time because who can't love a real good carrot cake?! If you don't like carrot cake we can't be friends. :-p
Feel free to use your favorite silicone mold, it can be a mini-cupcake pan, a square pan...whatever works for you as long as it's made of high-quality silicone because they make the unmolding so much easier. I find out using regular pans make the job a bit stressful and the cakes don't come out as perfect.
While I'm typing this I can't stop thinking about what kind of recipe should I try for the next blog post? Maybe it's time to take a break from the raw recipes...? Ice cream, anyone? Seriously, I refuse to turn on the oven!

Raw Carrot Cake

(Yield: 12 individual small cakes)


- For the cake:
1 1/4 cups raw blanched almonds.
15 Medjool dates, pitted.
1/2 cup (packed) shredded carrot.*
1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut.
2 tablespoons raw coconut oil.
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon.
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger.
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves.
1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg.
A pinch of pink Himalayan salt.
1/4 cup chopped pecan nuts.
3 tablespoons raisins, chopped.
- For the cashew buttercream frosting:
3/4 cup raw cashews, soaked overnight.
1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk.
2 tablespoons agave syrup.
2 teaspoons lemon juice.
A couple drops of food-grade organic lemon essential oil (optional).
5 tablespoons raw coconut oil.
A pinch of pink Himalayan salt.

- It's very important to drain the excess liquid of the carrots before measuring and cooking, otherwise the texture and consistency of the cake will be compromised.
- About the raisins: you might think it's a small quantity but actually I chopped them in half. You can leave them out if you are not a fan of them.
- A couple notes about the cashew buttercream: add a pinch of salt in the soaking water so the cashews don't get dark-ish. Last, but not least, always look for an almond milk with the highest percentage of almonds possible.

In the bowl of your food processor pulse the almonds until a coarse flour forms. Add in the dates, shredded coconut, spices, salt, and coconut oil. Process until a sticky and cohesive dough forms, then add the shredded carrot but don't overprocess, pulse a few times and stop. The cake will look prettier if there are visible bits of carrot.
Transfer the dough to a large mixing bowl and incorporate, stirring by hand, the chopped pecans and raisins.
Press down the mixture firmly into the pan (I used a 12-cavity silicone mold) and place into the freezer, until it's very firm. If your silicone mold is very flexible you should use a baking sheet to easily transfer it to the freezer.
Meanwhile we can prepare the cashew buttercream frosting: place the (drained) cashews and the almond milk in your blender or food processor and blend until you get a creamy mixture. Add in the agave, lemon juice, salt and lemon essential oil (if using), and blend until combined. Finally add in the coconut oil gradually until a thicker cream forms.
Pour the cashew mixture evenly over the frozen cake and transfer to the freezer again, until it gets very firm so it'll be easy to unmold.
Unmold the cakes, decorate the tops with some extra pecan nuts and cinnamon, and let them thaw at room temperature for about 5-10 minutes (depending on how warm is your place) before serving.
Store the mini-cakes in an airtight container in the fridge for a week approximately or in the freezer for a longer shelf life.