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Chocolate Pumpkin Bread

Less than two weeks for Halloween and I feel like I'm a little late to the party because (almost) everybody started sharing Halloween recipes right after the summer holidays ended. But hey, there's still time to prepare some pumpkin-ish things! Which holidays do you prefer the most? Halloween or Christmas? I think I prefer Halloween because there's not much fuss, it's a more chill holiday, not as stressful as Christmas with all the cooking frenzy, gift-shopping...during Halloween you can have fun decorating the house or even dressing up, watch horror movies all cozied up at home and enjoy desserts and snacks made with fall produce like butternut squash, sweet potato, pomegranate, apple, etc. I mean, spooky dark things are always funnier! ;-p Talking about fall desserts and Halloween, this vegan chocolate pumpkin bread is super moist, almost like a brownie, and very, very chocolatey. It's absolutely delicious, trust me! Also, it's a very easy recipe that anyone c

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