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Vegan Mince Pies

It's that time of the year again, Christmas! These mini mince pies I'm sharing with you today were tested a few times in november and finally I found some "free" time between all the gift and food shopping for the holidays (...and I'm not done yet). Wether you are a fan or not of Christmas I highly recommend you to try these little pies and your day will immediately improve, trust me, they are delicious! A juicy and super flavorful filling all wrapped up in a homemade coconut oil crust that is flaky and yummy, once you get the hang of pie crust-making you'll never buy pre-made crusts again. They are so much better and (most of the times) so much healthier, I know we are all running short on time these days but if you plan ahead this recipe is easier than it seems. Oh and by the way, these mince pies are completely vegan and you won't find any shortening or margarine in the ingredient list. Picture yourself all cozied up on your couch, watching some christm…

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