Strawberry Açaí Bowl

Sometimes you are craving for something sweet and yummy but don't feel like running to the grocery store and buy a lot of ingredients...and if you want to play the good girl for a day and stay away from sugar you know that ice cream tub should stay in the freezer. Turns out that a lot of times the simplest things are the best, you can actually whip up a great breakfast bowl in just a few minutes (truth is I make this more often after my workout sessions). Pick your fruit at its optimum level of ripeness and we are good to go!
Throw in a big bunch of your favorite toppings (a small piece of dark chocolate? yes, please!), I honestly think toppings are what really make this kind of recipes more interesting and attractive.
Talking about food being appealing to the eye, when I'm cooking I always follow this rule: food should always look as good as it tastes. Instagram (and the internet in general) is full of eye-catching food photos with very elaborated decorations but some of them (actually a lot) lack taste. I've tried so many recipes from famous food bloggers that ended up being big disappointments. They say "not all that glitters is gold", well I think this quote sums up very well what I'm trying to explain. There are days that simplicity and realness is what we need.
This bowl only requires three ingredients (THREE!), I think it's the easiest recipe on the blog yet still looks good, and most importantly, tastes good.
I made this açaí bowl yesterday after my visit to a big organic food store where I found delicious little strawberries at a reasonably good price; of course when you find cute berries you know you HAVE to make a new recipe with them. So here it is, an easy, simple, refreshing and fuss-free strawberry-açaí bowl that will make your tummy very happy. Oh and it happens to be fully raw and plant-based!

Strawberry Açaí Bowl
(2 servings)

150 g (5.3 oz) fresh strawberries, hulled.
3 frozen diced bananas.
2 teaspoons açaí powder.
Raw almonds.
Raw walnuts.
Cacao nibs.
Fresh strawberries.

Place all the ingredients in your food processor or blender and pulse until you have a smooth purée. It's really important that both the strawberries and bananas are at their right level of ripeness so you don't need to add any sweetener. The riper the bananas are, the sweeter this mixture will taste.
Pour the mixture into two serving bowls and decorate with the suggested toppings.

I used fresh strawberries for this recipe cause this time I didn't want to add any milk in order to achieve a more thick consistency, kinda like a nice cream.
You can use frozen strawberries but you might need to add a splash of your favorite milk if your food processor or blender aren't powerful enough.