Super Green Juice

Sometimes our body sends us messages that, for one reason or another (mostly because we are always too busy), we usually ignore or take them as something 'normal'. But we should be more aware of those messages and nourish ourselves nutritionally, physically and mentally. Taking little steps is a great way to start: pamper yourself at home with a weekly face mask, make your own green juices whenever you have time and take a moment to relax and enjoy that juice while reading your favorite mag or simply chilling on the couch. Forget about the phone, your to-do list or anything else for a moment...I know it can be such an impossible mission to fully disconnect but as I grow older I'm more and more convinced that it's essential for our health to stop, breathe and ask ourselves what we really want or need at that very moment.
For me, a great start to self-nourishment (and self-love) is to mantain a healthy way of eating...and I'm not talking about diets or restrictions, it's all about enjoying food as fresh and natural as possible. I've been craving for refreshing juices and fruits these past weeks and maybe it's one of those messages I was talking about, maybe my body was trying to tell me that I needed a little detox and to drink more liquids.
Truth be told, I'm telling you about nourishing body, mind and soul but lately I haven't taken much time off nor looked after myself as I should. Reminder to myself: stressing out because I skipped a workout is not the solution, and I should go to bed earlier for God's sake!
Well, let's talk about this easy but so good for you recipe: a super green cold-pressed juice. I'd recommend this juice to anyone who wants to increase their daily intake of veggies but isn't used to the sometimes 'peculiar' flavor of certain green juices. I added apples to naturally sweeten it up and lemon for a refreshing citrus touch. What really takes things to the next level is the addition of barley grass powder, which is a nutritional powerhouse: high in vitamins and protein and one of the greens with the highest content of minerals! I found this article while browsing the web that explains it all very well.
For the best results, and if you are really into juicing, I recommend to buy a slow juicer though they can be pricey! Luckily I can use my sister's super-expensive-fancy Hurom juicer! :-p 

Super Green Juice
(1-2 servings, depending on glass size)

1 large cucumber.
2 celery sticks.
A big handful of baby spinachs (around 50 g).
1/2 a lemon.
1 big Golden Delicious apple (or two small ones).
A small piece of fresh ginger (2 cm approx.) or 1 1/2 teaspoons ground ginger.
2 teaspoons of barley grass powder.

Thoroughly wash all the veggies and fruit. Peel the cucumber, ginger, lemon and, if not organic, the apple too.
Cut the lemon in half and make sure you discard the layer of white skin of the lemon. Cut the other ingredients and juice everything together following the manufacturer's instructions of your juicer.
Stir in the barley grass powder until completely disolved and serve immediately. 
I recommend keeping the ingredients refrigerated until ready to use so the juice will stay cold and you won't need to add ice cubes. However, if you prepare it on a hot day and want it to be super cold try adding a couple ice cubes or keep the juice in the fridge for a few hours.

If you can't find barley grass powder use wheat grass, spirulina or an organic mix of green super foods.