Chickpea Flour Crèpes

I'm happy to begin the month and this post with some good news!
No, I'm not thinking about writing a cookbook (yet) but I can finally announce that this month begins my collaboration with one of my all time favorite spanish organic food brands: El Granero Integral. It made me so happy that they loved my recipes and wanted me to be a part of their team!
They have a wide range of wholesome, good products, all certified organic (so many different flours, cereals, grains, sugars, nuts, dried fruits and many more things!).
I will write both sweet and savory recipes for them, the sweet ones will also be included here at Cinnamon Girl and it's gonna be a new challenge for me since I've always wrote about desserts and this time I will take myself out of my comfort zone and start exploring the world of appetizers, main courses, dressings, sauces, etc.
Like I said my blog won't change: this is my special little corner in the blogsphere where you will always find all things sweet, decadent, indulgent, luscious. I will always be a baker cause my sweet tooth has no boundaries!
For those who also follow me on Facebook and doesn't speak spanish: if you ever stumble upon one of my savory recipes for El Granero Integral and you are really interested to get the recipe in english, please don't hesitate to contact me or drop me a comment and I will translate it for you as soon as possible. Just keep in mind that the ingredients I use are from that brand and you might have to change or adapt the recipe a little bit and use the ingredients available in your country.
Now let's talk about the first recipe of March!
I love crêpes almost as much as pancakes and since I bought a special pan for crêpes last year, I've been experimenting with many different recipes to find one that is healthy and close to the delicious, original french-style crêpes.
I must say that these ones are totally guilt-free and yummy: no refined sugars, no butter and a good dose of proteins thanks to the chickpea flour! Plus they are filled with my homemade banana chocolate hazelnut butter, which tastes heavenly good and so chocolatey! When it comes to crêpes or pancakes I think bananas play an important role, I don't know about you but I always end up throwing some slices of bananas on top of my pancakes or, like this time, adding them to the filling.
Let me tell you a secret: while I was making this hazelnut butter I couldn't stop digging the spoon into the glossy, soft mixture.
Next time I will make a bigger batch of this chocolatey nut butter so I can add it to my smoothies and breakfast oatmeals. Yum.

Receta elaborada para El Granero Integral.

Chickpea Flour Crêpes
(makes four 10-inch crêpes)

2 free range eggs.
1 cup oat milk (you can use soy or almond milk too).
2 teaspoons sunflower oil.
Pinch of salt.
1 cup chickpea flour.
2 tablespoons whole cane sugar.
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract.
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon.
- For the filling:
2 medium ripe bananas.
4 tablespoons pure cocoa powder.
4 tablespoons homemade hazelnut butter.

* Salt, chickpea flour, agave syrup, whole cane sugar, cocoa powder and walnuts courtesy of El Granero Integral.

- To make the crêpes:
In a medium bowl beat together eggs, milk, oil and salt until smooth and a bit fluffy.
Add in chickpea flour and mix well and make sure there are no lumps. I highly recommend you to do this using a high speed blender so you will get a smooth batter in no time. If you don't have a blender you can mix by hand, just make sure the batter is smooth and very liquid.
Lightly grease with coconut oil a 10-inch crêpe pan and preheat.
Pour 1/4 cup of batter for each crêpe, quickly tilt the pan with a circular motion so that the batter spreads evenly across the pan, it should be a thin layer. Cook for 30 seconds, flip and cook the other side for 30 more seconds approximately, until the edges start turning brown.
Remember that crêpes cook quickly!

- For the banana chocolate hazelnut butter:
In a medium bowl chop bananas and mash them until pureed. Transfer to the cup of your food processor.
Add in cocoa powder and hazelnut butter (you can use almond butter or peanut butter instead). 
Process all ingredients together until a smooth, glossy butter (with no lumps) forms.
If the butter is not used immediately I recommend to store it in the fridge.

- Serving the crêpes:
Spread some generous tablespoons of the chocolate hazelnut butter all over each crêpe, pretty side down, and fold them into quarters.
Serve with a drizzle of agave syrup, maple syrup or your favorite chocolate sauce on top. Dust with confectioner's sugar and some fresh berries.
Crêpes are best served when still warm.


  1. Thats great news for you Gemma it must feel lovely to get your hard work noticed by a brand you admire good luck with all of that. These crepes look wonderful I think I should experiment with chickpea flour.

    1. Aww thank you so much Rebecca! I really appreciate your support and it's a pleasure to have a great blogger buddy like you cause you are an awesome cook! =)

  2. I always want to make crepes with chickpea I have no excuse any more. They look fabulous. Love those fresh red currants too.

    1. Thanks a lot Angie! =)
      Chickpea flour crêpes is a healthier option for when you are craving crêpes but want an extra dose of protein.


  3. Però quina bona notícia Gemma! Me n'alegro molt per aquesta colaboració! I la millor manera de celebrar-ho és amb aquestes crepes, que pinten boníssimes!


    1. Moltes gràcies Víctor!!! :-) Em fa molta il.lusió que l'equip del Granero Integral hagi pensat en mi per fer receptes amb els seus productes.

      Un petó!


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