Hello guys!

I finally decided and managed to create my personal blog to share my passion for bakery! As a chocaholic and lover of almost all kind of sweets and homemade desserts I'll write weekly recipes and show you my very own pictures of the results.
Hope you like what you're going to see and read from now on and don't hesitate to leave me your comments, ideas and/or tips! Will be more than grateful to share and exchange recipes with all of you, my fellow bakers!

Btw, do you like the design? The picture in the header belongs to one of the latest recipes I've tried: Peanut Butter Cupcakes. This will be the first entry on the blog so please, bare with me and stay tunned for more!

Love, peace and buttercream.



  1. Gio: okay, you just gotta book a 15 hour flight and knock on my door. I'll be waiting with a dozen of freshly-baked cupcakes! ;-p

    Carmen: tú sabes lo ricas que estan mejor que nadie! jeje.


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